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Source: EPISODE 11.2

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Source: EPISODE 4.1

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Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The’re still the one , hay. I miss you guys , sana may  karugtong  , buti na lang may nababasa tayo tungkol sa kanila , thank you writers , you make us happy beyond ,,,,

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Reason why i love BCWMH fanfictions…

I don’t know where my blog went


Compared to Mills & Boons or Harlequin, etc books, fanfictions are more….how do i say it….alive? Whenever i read each stories…i can imagine the facial expressions of the characters and its like i can even hear their voices. Relate to the max ang feeling and some stories you can even request from the writers scenarios that would make adiktus like me “kilig” and “buhay na buhay ang dugo”….

The series is gone in our screens at home….but, to the adiks like me…it remains in my mind and most especially in my heart! To the writers who still love to write stories of them, i am indebted to you for making adiks like me alive, happy and still very much in love with Maya & SC.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  God bless you for making adiks like me happy!!! Sana, hindi pa rin kau magsawa because, we…

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Charade of Hearts – Chapter 11

triumvirate pimpettes

A/N: This story is an adaptation of the novel Double Standards by Judith McNaught. CTO

Maya had never known a more glorious day than this. In the two hours since they sailed away from the Cove, a warm comradery had sprung up between them—a companionship that was made up of spontaneous comments and shared laughter, punctuated with long relaxed silences.

The brilliant blue sky was decorated with puffy white clouds, and the wind caught the sail, sending the boat shooting soundlessly through the water. She watched a sea gull screeching overhead, then glanced at Richard, who was seated at the tiller, facing her. He smiled and Maya smiled back, then she lifted her face to the sky again, basking in the sun’s golden warmth and in the knowledge that Richard’s lazy, admiring gaze was on her.

“We could drop anchor here and do some sunbathing and some fishing. Would you like that?” Richard…

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